The Vermont Auto Body Association (VABA), formed in 2001, invites all Vermont area auto body repair professionals and suppliers to join our growing organization.  Annual membership dues of $300 a year provide industry experts with a unique forum for networking and sharing information and experience.  To become an active member you must be a person, firm or corporation owning a shop actively engaged in the collision repair industry in the state of Vermont.  Shops with multiple locations are required to hold separate memberships.

VABA is a not-for-profit Vermont corporation that promotes professionalism, respect, accountability, excellence and enthusiasm for the auto restoration and repair business. Plus, as a consumer advocacy group, VABA is dedicated to developing fair trade practices and standards for collision repairers as well as furthering the understanding between auto body professionals and insurance adjusters. As VABA grows, we will remain committed to these standards and practices and encourage all members and prospective members to take pride in what we can do for our industry throughout the state of Vermont.

To inquire about membership, contact membership coordinator, Mike Parker, Parkers Classic Auto Works  802-775-3777, or email us at

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