Did you know that almost half (47 per cent) of all fender benders occur at intersections? Parking lots are another common location for these costly collisions. MPI data indicates that males are involved in 56 per cent of all fender benders.
- source MPI 

Every year, nearly 24 million cars (almost one in ten) are involved in accidents, with property damage totaling more than $200 billion.  Even a fender bender can easily cost a thousand dollars or more. Additionally, every year, 1,500,000 autos are stolen. Those that are recovered (and many are not) are often damaged. 
 - source Chase

Current VABA members:

Artís Body Shop
Art Senecal
1422 N. Bennington Rd
N. Bennington VT  05257
voice 802-447-0474
fax 802-447-2969

Jeremy Parker
PO Box 66
33 Jeremy Drive 
Chesterfield, NH 03443-3822
voice 603-256-3176
fax 603-256-8273

Burlington Technical Center
Ed Companion
52 Institute Road
Burlington VT  05408

Collision Works, Inc.
Bill Morrison
685 Woodstock Rd, RT 4
White River Jct, VT 05001
voice 802-295-7722

Demerís Auto Body
Randy Demers
PO Box 1501
Montpelier VT  05601
voice 802-229-6262

Five Star Autobody, Inc.
George & Susan Mudge
604 Lapierre Drive
St. Johnsbury VT  05819
voice 802-748-5321
fax 802-751-8860

Glenwood Collision
Peter Putnam
39 Frost Street
Brattleboro VT  056301
voice 802-257-1215
fax 802-251-7206

Heritage Ford
Doug Farnham, Parts Mgr.
1600 Shelburne Rd
South Burlington VT 05403
voice 802-865-8145



Joe's Collision Repair Center.
Joseph & Kristy Alfieri
P.O. Box 746
Morrisville, VT 05661
voice 802-888-5655
fax 802-888-7780

Moore Bros. Body & Paint
Scott Anyan 
PO Box 1690
Wilmigton VT  05363
voice 802-464-7781

Parkers Classic Autoworks
Mike Parker
18A Chapin Avenue
Rutland, VT 05701
voice 802-775-3777
fax 802-773-6249

Turkís Auto Body Inc.
John Turco
43 Dorr Drive
Rutland VT  05701
voice 802-775-7168
fax 802-775-6940

Washburn's Autobody
Erin Washburn
Chris Washburn
69 Boyer Circle
Williston VT  05495
voice 802-863-1383
fax 802-864-3546

Wayne's Body Shop
Gary Jones
63 Jones Lane
No. Clarenden, VT 05759
voice 802-775-0233
fax 802-775-7475

York Coachworks, Inc.
Richard Munch
128 York St.
Poultney, VT 05764
voice 802-287-9897
fax 802-287-9897

VABA members take pride in their work, and seek to offer you nothing more than the best repair possible. We invite you to consider if your repair shop is among the current membership of the Vermont Auto Body Association.

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